The Best Charlotte Firewood Delivery & Stacking Service!

We are ready right now to deliver your next load of firewood – neatly stacked, and we know you’ll love our service! We’ll bring you our perfectly seasoned premium hardwood pieces that are great for your fire pit, fireplace, wood stove, grill, or bonfire area.

Use our Easy SMS Texting System for the Fastest Service. You can try it out now by tapping on our phone number right here:

We deliver firewood in two convenient sizes – based on the racks that most people have in their yards:


After you place your firewood order for delivery, our SMS texting system will send a message directly to your phone once it is loaded up, and on the way to your place. This message includes your driver’s name, vehicle description, and estimated arrival time.


If there are no stairs or steep inclines we are happy to stack your firewood for free anywhere on your property that is on street-level, in an outdoor location, and directly accessible by a 24″ wide wheelbarrow either on your existing rack, or directly on the ground.  There is a $25 upcharge added to your order if there are any stairs or steep inclines between the street level, and where your firewood is to be stacked.


You’ll never want to order your firewood from anywhere else once you try out our excellent product and service.

It's Easier than Ordering a Pizza! Our Perfectly-Seasoned Premium Firewood Delivered and Neatly Stacked for You.