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We are ready right now to deliver your next load of firewood – neatly stacked, and we know you’ll love our service! We’ll bring you only perfectly seasoned premium oak pieces that are great for your fire pit, fireplace, wood stove, grill, or bonfire area.

Our 4’x4′ Truckload – $150
Our 4’x8′ Truckload – $245

The most popular order this time of year is our 4’x4′ Truckload – delivered and stacked neatly in your yard, for just $150 total. This is a delivery of our premium oak that’s around 100 pieces, and it weighs about 800lbs.  You can expect this amount of firewood to perfectly fill up a 4’x4′ fire wood holder that is common in many backyards.  We are also happy to bring you one of our Black Steel 4’x4′ Firewood Holder Racks along with your wood order for just $80 more.  This gives you a clean, efficient, and safe place to easily store the firewood each time we deliver it to you.  Delivery and assembly are included in the price at no extra charge. You can also double this order to a 4’x8′ stack for just $95 more ($245 total), and our 4’x8′ racks are only $120.

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4-BUNDLE Subscription Plan

You can also choose our Firewood Bundle Subscription plan for yourself, or as a great gift idea for your loved ones here in the Charlotte area!  Here’s how it works:

For only $39 monthly we’ll hand-deliver 4 large bundles of our beautiful firewood around the same time every month.  Each bundle measures 17-22″ long, weighs around 40lbs, and consists of 5-6 large pieces of the best oak firewood you can buy; and you’ll receive 4 of these bundles in your order every time.  These aren’t the unfortunate little bundles of sorry-looking fire wood that you’d expect to see languishing pitifully outside of a convenience store for $6 . . . Our premium oak firewood is the highest quality you can buy here in the Charlotte area, and it’ll be perfect for your fireplace, fire pit, camping site, wood stove or bonfire area.

This is the perfect amount of firewood for you if your household enjoys 1 or 2 fires per week – without having to store lots of firewood all season long.

When you sign up for our Firewood Bundle Subscription plan, you’ll receive our attractive and durable Steel 2’x2′ Firewood Holder Rack that securely holds your bundles until you’re ready to have a fire. Your new firewood rack comes complete with a sturdy Kindling Storage Bin filled with our Oak Kindling Material that fits neatly below, a Long Refillable Lighter, and a bag of our Easy Firestarter Nuggets. 

Along with your 4-bundles of firewood each month, we’ll also bring you a refill of our excellent Oak Kindling Material for your storage bin, and a new bag of 6 of our Easy Firestarter Nuggets. – All for just $39 per month!

If you’d like to pay for the full year right away, then you receive a 10% discount on your subscription cost – a $47 instant savings!


You’ll never want to order your firewood from anywhere else once you try out our excellent product and service.

Our Perfectly-Seasoned Premium Oak Firewood Delivered and Neatly Stacked for You . . . It’s Easier than Ordering a Pizza!