About Us

Welcome to CharlotteFirewood.com!

Our job is to get the best firewood and firewood racks in the entire Charlotte area onto the properties of the people here with discerning tastes who appreciate our quality; with a quick and simple process from start to finish – every time.

You’ll find our people to be the happiest, and most friendly firewood professionals you’ve ever met. We love our jobs . . . And it shows! Our team has a combined 70 years of firewood experience here in the Charlotte area, and have invested in the very best in modern processing technology to turn our beautiful local oak logs into a product your family and co-workers will appreciate year after year.

Say goodbye to all the guesswork and uncertainty that comes from ordering your firewood deliveries from some random shady character on Craigslist. If you’re looking for the absolute best firewood available in the area – then we are your source! We are happy to deliver free in Charlotte, Monroe, Concord, Gastonia, Pineville, or everywhere in between.

When you choose us as your firewood supplier you’ll immediately notice our consistent piece sizes with the ideal amount of moisture content. Our premium oak firewood gives you a familiar, pleasing aroma, just the right amount of satisfying smoke output, and predictable burnability.

Whether you just need a few bundles of firewood delivered for a last minute get-together or camping trip, or you need 30 full cords for your church, school, or corporate events, we have you covered!


Feel free to get in touch right away, and you can be enjoying your crackling fire tonight.

If it’s your first time ordering your firewood with us, then we would like to bring you our sturdy and attractive 36″ canvas bag overflowing with our quality oak kindling pieces for you as an add-on to your order for FREE ($35 value.)  When it’s time to refill your wood rack with another order, then we will bring more kindling for your bag for just $15 per refill so your perfect fire is always ready to be started when you want it.

We know that you’ll never want to order from anywhere else once you try us out!

It's Easier than Ordering a Pizza! Our Perfectly-Seasoned Premium Firewood Delivered and Neatly Stacked for You.